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3010   GIF-Tube 4-Implant Kit for Subcutaneous Fluid Administration

GIF-Tube 4-Implant Kit for Subcutaneous Fluid Administration

This kit is ideal for current users or hospitals that have identified multiple patients that require long-term fluid therapy. The package contains all the necessary components for 4 individual surgical implants. Read more....
GIF Combo
images/productimages/Surgical/GIF4Implant.jpg  images/productimages/Surgical/Admin Kit.jpg 
Order the GIF-Tube 4 Implant kit and a Client Admin Kit and save 15%.   
Package Contents
  • 4 Sterile Tubes for 4 Surgical Implants
  • 1 Stylet
  • 4 Microclave Needleless Ports
  • 1 Instructional Video CD Rom
  • 1 In-Hospital Procedural Guide
  • 4 Client Guides
Technical Specs
  • GIF-Tube: 10fr x 10" Medical Grade Silicone
  • Flow Rate: ~100cc per minute
  • Stylet: Hard Stainless Steel
  • MicroClave: 11mm x 32.3mm; .04ml deadspace
Veterinary Hospitals
This feature is available for registered veterinary hospitals ONLY. Pet owners: Please contact your veterinarian regarding this product.