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M-RS   RespSense Vet

RespSense Vet

The RespSense™ VET monitor offers MedAir™ capnography technology that measures and displays end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2), fractional inspired CO2 (FiCO2) and respiration rate of intubated animals. The widescreen display also serves as a user-friendly touch panel where all settings and adjustments are visible. Read more....
Product Features
  • Widescreen touch panel display
  • MedAir™ EtCO2 technology
  • Numerical and waveform display of EtCO2 data
  • For use on small to large animals
  • Gas output connects to anesthesia scavenger system
  • 1.5 hours of EtCO2 trending history onscreen
  • Quiet pump
Technical Specs
Respiration range: 3 – 80 respirations/min
Update range: Once every breath
EtCO2 range: 0 – 99 mmHg
FiCO2 alarm limits: 5, 10 or 20 mmHg
EtCO2 accuracy: ±2 mmHg, +6% of reading
Trend length: 1.5 hours

Power Data
Battery charger: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Power consumption: 3.6 W at battery operation, 12 W with battery charger
Input: 12 VDC, 800mA

Battery Data
Type: Lithium ion internal battery, rechargeable
Battery capacity: 12 hours (approximately)
Charging time: 17 hours from empty to full

Pump flow: 100 ml/min
Flow accuracy: ±20 ml/min

Warranty 3 years for monitor, 6 months for cables and sensors
Veterinary Hospitals
This feature is available for registered veterinary hospitals ONLY. Pet owners: Please contact your veterinarian regarding this product.