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Mighty Max

In 1993, the day after Thanksgiving, Beth Stoudt and her husband, Drew went to the humane society to adopt a cat. "When they pulled him (Max) out of the cage and handed him to me, he just wrapped his paws around me." Max immediately settled in to his new home. "From the first day we brought him home, he followed me around and slept in the bed with me, under the covers, his face against my cheek."

Max was a typical Siamese, vocal and social. He loved to fetch balls and would walk around with the yarns balls in his mouth, crying. He was also very naughty. He would chew on lampshades and insisted on helping Beth, a math teacher, with grading papers. "We could not have a single table lamp on either of our end tables. The one end table was HIS. If I put papers on it, he would knock them off."

As Max got older, he stopped playing with the yarn balls, but would still chew them to shreds. Right before Christmas, 2002, Max wasn't feeling well. "We took him to the vet for an eye problem and the vet ran his bloodwork. We got the horrible news that Max had CRF."

Max was hospitalized for a week followed by bi-weekly visits to the vet for subcutaneous fluid injections, but it soon became apparent that Max needed fluids daily.  "My husband had to stick him.  I held the bag.  It was horrible.  He cried, jumped off the sofa, and fluid would go everywhere.  We kept trying, but it was so stressful for Max, my husband, and myself."

During a visit to their veterinarian another client told them about a subcutaneous catheter for needleless fluid delivery. "We had the GIF-Tube inserted May 2003. We followed the protocol - new lines and bags, baytril in the bag for 14 days, baytril when we saw signs of infection. We didn't have to use that much.  We warmed the bag up a little. What a dream... Max would just lay on the sofa. Sometimes he would purr. In about 2 - 3 mintues we would have 200 ml in him. We designed a vest so that the tube was protected. The only thing we had to do was replace the stitches from time to time. We had the same tube for a little over four years."

"At the end of his battle with CRF, Max started hiding, wouldn't sleep with me, and stopped eating. I knew it was time but it was the hardest decision I had to make. But I am so grateful to this product which allowed me to have four more years. The vet didn't expect him to live 3 months, but with this tube we had over 4 years."

"It is with a broken heart that I must let everyone know that my little 'Xander passed away earlier this evening. He went in my presence with the love and care of his very gentle vet who had so carefully replaced his microclave every other week without charge. 'Xander lived from diagnosis and Giftube installment for over 5 years and 3 months. I remember wishing and honestly praying that he would live for 2 years as that was the best expectation a cat with CRF could have at that time. I consider us very blessed for the years that were given to him because of the Giftube and a wonderful veterinarian. I can't imagine my house without my best pal who would see me on my way out to work every morning and enthusiastically greet me every evening when I returned home. He crawled into my heart almost 10 1/2 years ago when I adopted him as an older kitten. I am so thankful as well for all the support from the wonderful people on this website. I give my precious 'Xander to God and to all the angels to love. Betty McD (Angel 'Xander)"

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Max's Family

Drew and Beth live in Mertztown, PA, where they are owned by three cats and one dog. Drew works for Deka Battery and Beth is a high school math teacher. During their free time, Drew and Beth enjoy spending time with family and friends, watching racing (or Beth sleeps through most of the race), taking walks outdoors, and spending time at home with their fur babies. Max was their first cat, adopted from the Berks County Humane Society. They also adopted their dog from Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue. Beth is an avid reader and Garfield collector. She also takes pilates classes. Drew enjoys watching Nascar racing and golfs whenever the weather cooperates.